There's no flat rate. Pay what you want. If you had a good time, give your hardworking pedicab driver a tip!
Riding a pedicab is fun–pure and simple. Slightly more complex? The disc brake system helping you arrive safely.
Request a 30-minute tour of downtown San Angelo. See the sights and hear interesting facts about our local history.
Date night? Wedding? Quinceañera? Marriage proposal? Your special event can be extra memorable.


How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Friday, July 1, late dusk, Parking lot area at 17 E. Twohig.


Saturday, July 2, 8 PM, at The Deadhorse.

Transformers Age of Extintion

Friday, July 8, late dusk, Parking lot area at 17 E. Twohig.


Friday, July 15, late dusk, Parking lot area at 17 E. Twohig.



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welcomeJohn Tufts, Owner of Roadrunner Pedicab, LLC, with wife, MJ Tufts.

This whole idea has been a dream of mine for years.

If you walk down 6th Street in Austin, TX, you'll see hundreds of pedicabs taking people to fun places all over the city. Technically speaking, a pedicab is a pedal-operated tricycle that pulls an attached seat mounted behind the driver, and can safely transport as many as three adult passengers.

Generally speaking, a pedicab is just a really, really fun way to get around! I wanted to bring that kind of excitement to the people of San Angelo, and so I have.

Roadrunner Pedicab is available every Friday & Saturday night from as early as 8 P.M. until as late as 3 A.M. in the downtown San Angelo area. You can catch me during special daytime events too, like Downtown RiverFest, the rodeo parade, Christmas at Old Fort Concho, the Simply Texas Blues Festival, and others.

There's no charge to ride; I work for tips. My operating expenses are covered through sponsored advertising.

Putting mettle to the pedal, Roadrunner Pedicab is here to serve you. It's a fun reminder that life is a journey ...make it interesting. –JT